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3D Mini Laser 50Watt

Technology index Laser parameters optical maser Fiber laser Laser wavelength 1064nm Average output power 50W Palse Width No change Modulation frequency range 1-600kHz Galvo parameters Field Size 100*100 15mm 200*200mm 80mm Spot Diameters 1/e2 0.025mm resolution 0.001mm Repositioning precision 0.003mm Optical output Marking range 100*100 mm/200*200mm characteristics Minimum line width 0.01mm Minimum height of characters 0.2mm Cooling system Cooling way Air cooling

3W & 5W UV Marking Machine


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 1530

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 1530 X/Y/Z  Axis Working Size                                  X-1500,  Y-3000,   Z-200 X/Y  Axis Transmission                                    Gear & Rack Z Axis Transmission                                         Ballscrew Guide Rail                                                          Round Guide Rail Plasma Power                                                   Chinese LGK 120A Control System                                                 STARFIRE 2100C THC                                                                    FL1621 Driver System                                                   Chinese Leadshine Hybird Servo Motor Working Voltage                                               380V/50HZ/3P Gross Weight                                                    1100KG Working Table                                                    With Water Tank Wireless Controller                                            with Microstep Foot Steel Tube                                                  10mm Thickness Machine Body Steel Tube                                  6mm thickness   Terms & Condition: Payment Terms: 50% advance in cash & 50% before deliver machine. Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks after receive advance payment. 1 year backup support. Training & Installation is free.

CNC Wood Router 1325

CNC Wood Router 1325  

CO2 Laser Engraving 40Watt

WORKING AREA:400*400MM 40W laser tube Electrical up and down platform. HI-WIN brand linear guide rail,X linear guide Honey board laser head with red dot pointer and air assist RUIDA board 42mm motor and driver Imported from America Znse Focus Lens and metal mirrors Corldraw/AutoCad/illustrator output directly USB port,DSP high –Speed card,LCD Display Panel,offline working exhaust fan on machine Air pump Water pump Electrical up and down 160mm

Enclosed Fiber Laser 50W

Technical parameters and applicable environment Beam quality                                                                           M2:1.5 (TEM00 mode) Average output power                                                 50W Max. marking line speed                                 12000mm/s Laser wavelength                                                        1064nm Marking scope                                                             110 mm*110mm (optional) Power adjusting range                                                 5%-100% Min. character                                                             0.2 mm*0.2mm Engraving depth                                                          0.01-1.0mm (depend on the material) Repeated accuracy                                          0.001mm Min. line width                                                            0.013mm Power consumption                                                     ≤600w Cooling system                                                            Air cooling Control interface                                                          USB Continuous working time                                24h Equipment work environment             Clean without dust or dirt Equipment work temperature              13°C-28°C Work environment humidity                5%-75% without condensation Power supply                                            110V/60HZ

Fibber Laser Cutting 1000Watt

Equipment model LM3015G Type of laser Optical fiber laser Laser wavelength 1060-1080nm Laser source 1000W / 1500W / 2000W /

Glass CNC Cutting Machine

Model BX-031
Working area 910*910mm
Cutting head Professional glass cutting head
Head quantity 3
Loading thickness 0.5-19mm
Cutting parallelism 0.2mm/min
Control system NC studio(including computer)
transportation X,Y-rack pinion
guide rail Square guide rail
Table flatness ≤±0.020mm/m
File format DXF. PLT
Max Traveling speed 60m/min
Max Working speed 40m/min
voltage 3 phase 380V/50HZ
Control cabinet independent

Laser Welding Machine (Jewellary)

Laser Welding Structure Machine Frame  *Main Machine Cabinet *Operation worktable *Desktop Type
  1. Cooling System *Hydrocooling build inside
  1. Laser Power Supply
  *Single Lamp  
  1. Laser Generator
  *Focusing Cavity *Optic lens *YAG Crystal *Xenon Lamp *Focus of light System       Product Description  
  1. Complete machine ergonomic design further fits jewelry industry
  of which the products are meticulous and artistic and property is stable and it also meets the needs of long time continuous operation.    
  1. The head cushion and bracket arm cushion are added especially so that long time operation is more comfortable.
  1. Large inner space is convenient for setting out of tools and fixtures.
    1. Electric focusing device is equipped in working region and laser parameters are applied to adjusting lights for renewal of dust screen ,clearing of working region and recovery of welding dust.
        5.Observation of welding positions is clearer by using adjustable high brightness of LED ring astral lamp and Microscope .    
    1. More meticulous light points meets requirements of more meticulous welding.
    Technical Parameters
    Model Number OPT-JW200
    Laser Wavelength 1064nm
    Spotlight Cavity Reflector Ceramic Cavity
    Max. Laser Power 200W
    Max Single pulse energy 100J
    Pulse Width 0.1-10ms
    Laser Frequency 1-20HZ
    Adjusting scope of light spot 0.1-3mm
    Cooling System Built-in
    Rated Power 3KW
    Lifetime 3,000,000 times
    Power Supply 220V 50HZ / 110V 60HZ
    Dimension Machine(950*550*650mm)
    G.W 110KG
      The welding of all kinds of metal materials such as Gold Silver Platinum ,Copper Titanium Stainless steel etc. and jewelry such as ring ,earring bracelet ,necklace ,tie bar cuff-link ,as well as metal decorations