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Digital Vernier Caliper (Insize) 6 inch

Product Discription:
  1. The reading may not be correct if there is coolent or other liquid on caliper.
2.Install Battery:
  • remove battery cover.
  • Put CR2032 battery into battery house, the positive side of battery  (+) should face out.
  • close the battery cover.

Vernier Caliper (Insize) 6 inch Manual

Graduation                                               Acuracy 0.02mm/0.001"                       +-0.02mm   (Range: 0-100mm/0-4") 0.03mm/0.001"                       +-0.03mm   (Range: 100-300mm/4-12") 0.03mm/0.001"                       +-0.05mm   (Range: 0-300mm/0-12") Caution: Do Not Measure the workspace if it is rotating, this is dangerous and measuring faces will be worn out.